5 rules for binary options trading

Extremely short-running options are called binary options. Traders who like to speculate can get up to 75 percent return on their use with binary options within a very short time.

For example, with Gold, the DAX or the S&P 500. You should only predict whether the price will be higher or lower at the end of time than when you gave the option. If you want to trade binary options, you do not necessarily need prior knowledge. It can start without any previous knowledge. A good broker is a key point.

If you have no experience in binary options, here is a basic one. The maturities of the binary options can differ.

The runtime starts at one minute. The end can come at the end of the hour or at the latest the end of the trading day. The nice thing about trading binary options is that 25 euros are enough to get started. Accordingly, the minimum deposit required is low. New customers often benefit from a deposit bonus. The deposit bonus depends on your deposit and the exact offer, which can be up to 100 percent. I have been successful with the following rules for almost two years.

The 5 golden rules

Rule 1:
Do risk management. An option should not be more than five percent of the available capital. That won't work in the beginning, should be considered after the first wins.

Rule 2:
If you have the opportunity, watch the price in different trading systems at the same time. You will receive more information about price movements and can better assess the development. You just have to predict the direction of the course development, not the exact amount of the course.

Rule 3:
Reduce your risk. You can do this by entering your PUT or CALL order shortly before the option expires. The more the market fluctuates, the more you reduce your risk with this tactic.

Rule 4:
In at least 80 percent of the cases, the settlement rate is exactly in the opposite direction of the last movement.

Rule 5:
If there is a short-term strong rash in one direction, choose the other direction. If figures for the course are published, the course only goes in the opposite direction before it continues in the actual direction.

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