5 Drunkest Cities In America: Speaking of soft spots

It's not uncommon to find people that love their drink all over the world. However, the United States seems to take the cup, because of its unique connection to alcohol. People here drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk. One of the reasons why people drink so much in the United States could be that legal drinking here is 21yrs, unlike in other countries where it's lower. By 21, most people have jobs, and no kids hence have excess money to buy alcohol. Here are the top drunkest cities in America.

Speaking of soft spots

Here, the population comprises of 50% males, perhaps the reason why drinking here is so high. Let's face it, men here have nothing much to do other than drink, while the women might prefer to stay home and perhaps watch the kids.

Mankato is also home to South Central College and Minnesota University. The presence of the institutions there translates into heavy drinking because students love to drink and get in trouble. The party animal behavior has rubbed on to the rest of the population.


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