5 Drunkest Cities In America: Eau Clare, Wisconsin

It's not uncommon to find people that love their drink all over the world. However, the United States seems to take the cup, because of its unique connection to alcohol. People here drink for the sole purpose of getting drunk. One of the reasons why people drink so much in the United States could be that legal drinking here is 21yrs, unlike in other countries where it's lower. By 21, most people have jobs, and no kids hence have excess money to buy alcohol. Here are the top drunkest cities in America.

Eau Clare, Wisconsin

This is one city with a high population of bars. The ratio citizen: bar is quite high, with 6 bars available for every 10, 000 people. Therefore, there is never a shortage of alcohol for people here.

Wisconsin university is also in this city, which of course means that there is nothing much here for the student population to do other than to drink.

Another thing that could contribute to the high drinking rate is that there are nine breweries in the area. Therefore, alcohol is always in high supply.


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