Meghan Markle trivia facts: 1. She attended and all-girls school

We all love a Royal Story, and Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's is one of the most interesting ones. In 2016, Meghan was the most Googled star, which goes to show that people are curious to know more about her. Here are some few things you didn't know about Meghan Markle.

1. She attended and all-girls school

Meghan says that she went to a girls' Catholic school, and goes to describe the years that she spent there those that teachers taught handwriting in school. If you know Meghan well, then you must know that she loves cursive.

Like most teenage girls would say, Meghan's experience at the Catholic school wasn't as glamorous as most people would think. Most girls have body image and self-esteem issues at that age, and Meghan is no exception. She refers to her curly hair, little uniform, and a gap in her teeth as she talks about this particular issue.


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