Things You Did Not Know About Leonardo Dicaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio is a celebrated American actor, film producer, and environmentalist known best for his role in the blockbuster movie, 'The Titanic'. Being a famous actor you would expect most of his secrets to be out in the open but there are a number of things you did not know about him.


For starters, most people don't know how he ended up with the name Leonardo. One day when his mother was pregnant with him in a museum in Italy looking at a Leonardo Da Vinci Painting, he kicked for the first time ever and it was then that his mother decided to name him Leonardo. Also, his middle name is Wilhelm and can speak fluent German.

Speaking of paintings, Leo bought a Salvador Dali painting for $1.2 million in 2011. It was at this same auction that he bid for Picasso's painting but apparently he wanted the Dali more. He was however outbid by Nicolas Cage in 2007 for a dinosaur skull that was going for $276,000.Leo once held an auction of his own for 33 pieces of art in 2013. He managed to raise $31.7 million for charity initiatives which were on a global scale.


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