Differences between Decomatic and Cosiflor Plissees

When buying a pleated blind, you have the choice between two rail systems, the Decomatic and the Cosiflor. Both quality pleated blind systems are of high quality and easy to use. The optically attractive pleated rail systems can be freely suspended or tensioned.

Differences between Decomatic and Cosiflor Plissees?

The two pleated systems Cosiflor and Decomatic Plissees differ in the shape of the profiles. The former is slightly arched and the latter is straight. The Cosiflor profiles are slightly larger than the Decomatic pleated blinds. In addition, the Decomatic rails are closed at the top edge. The Cosiflor rails have an opening at the top edge

Other differences between the Plomatic systems Decomatic and Cosiflor?

The Decomatic rail profile is available in two profile shapes. Small differences can also be seen in the shape of the tension shoes, as well as in the operating handle. The operating handle for the Cosiflor system has a recessed grip that allows better grip. The Decomatic rail system is equipped with a design handle. With a recessed grip for the thumb and a small curvature, this ensures excellent ease of use. This also continues the straightforward modern design.

Different rail colors of the Cosiflor and Decomatic systems?

The Decomatic and Cosiflor pleated blind systems are available in four different colors. This allows for an individual design of the pleated blind, in harmony with the color of the fabric. The rail systems can be selected to match the color of the window frames or other design elements. The Cosiflor rails are available in the colors white and black-brown with powder coating, as well as in the colors aluminum and anodized brass. These Decomatic profile rails are powder-coated in white and available in black, as well as in aluminum and bronze anodized. Plastic parts that can be seen, such as end caps or operating handles, are matched to the color. Only the brass-colored rail from Cosiflor and the rail from Decomatic in bronze-colored are an exception. The corresponding plastic parts are made in black.

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