Does an Australian Area 51 exist?

Strange observations have been made on the Australian continent near the Pine Gap state military base, which is operated in conjunction with the United States.
Eyewitnesses have repeatedly spotted UFOs near the base.

The military base, founded in 1967, initially served as a facility for bugging and surveillance operations. Today, about 800 employees are said to be employed and the facility is said to be part of the US spy network ECHELON. Officially, the base with several antenna systems and eight radar towers is called the Joint Defense Space Research Facility and is used to monitor satellites.

An exceptional observation was made on site in October 1996 when eyewitnesses noticed a circle of 19 lights at night and others saw a straight line of 21 lights hovering over Pine Gap until they started heading west. Some drivers tried to track the lights with cars, but lost sight of them.

Another eyewitness was traveling with friends in November 1996, about ten kilometers away from Alice Springs, when she saw a blue light over the supposed Australian Area 51. According to her, the light hovered very low and brightened the ground, so that she assumed a UFO landing. According to her, she was followed by the 14 meter long, flat object while she was driving before it disappeared.

Two years later, in November 1997, eyewitnesses made another observation from about 100 kilometers away. They saw a white light and a cigar-shaped flying object for about twenty minutes.

A flying triangle was sighted over Pine Gap in April 1998. Five lights glowed in the dark before the object headed south.

A few months later, three families were camping near Alice Springs when a silver ball appeared over them, surrounded by dancing lights that seemed larger than the stars.

In the past few years there have again been abnormalities in the region. In March 2010, residents observed an orange light above their house that hovered silently back and forth.

In September 2013, Alice Springs residents saw a white light in the sky in the afternoon that seemed to expand and turn white before it disappeared.

Ufologists agree that Pine Gap is as much a UFO base as Area 51, a landing site for aliens that can use them in exchange for technological development aid. The base also has a lot to hide underground. A cleaning lady reported that there is a tunnel network of up to 200 kilometers under the base, which extends to the Australian coast and where fruit and vegetables are grown. One of the measures that should make the station a safe bunker in the event of a nuclear war.
Many residents also find it strange that although Alice Springs is only a small town near Pine Gap, no employees of the base have been spotted on site.


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