Find the right instant loan very easily

Occasionally there are situations where you don't have time to wait for a loan to be approved by a bank. Therefore, you can use an instant loan under certain circumstances. However, this should not be done carelessly and without any comparisons. So that you can quickly find the best instant loan, there are various providers of instant loans.

1. Loan Mr 
Loan Mr is an online credit provider marketplace where borrowers can access loans from various lenders. You are allowed to apply for a loan starting from £100 to £2,000 at an interest rate of between 49.9% and 1333% APR. The rates depend on the terms of a lender and your creditworthiness. But even with a bad credit score, you can be sure of getting a loan at an extended payback period of between 2 months and 36 months.
If this period may not be enough for you to fully repay the loan, you can ask for an extension though it comes with additional charges and interest rates. Whether you choose to ask for an extension period or not, just make sure you don't miss or delay payments, as doing so will not only impair your credit score but also lower your loan limit on subsequent loan applications.

2. Loan Shuttle
Loan Shuttle is a secure online credit broker committed to ensuring that borrowers have quick access to a large amount of payday loan, usually between £100 and £5,000 at an interest rate of 49.9% and 1339%. You don't have to worry about filling in numerous application forms nor waiting for too long for a lender to respond to your request.
You only have to fill in one form which is then submitted to various lenders. A response to your request is made almost instantly, and the funds deposited in your bank account minutes after your application has been approved. The only downside is that you are given only a maximum of 2 to 6 months to fully repay your loan. Though it's possible to request for an extension, you'll have to bear the additional costs as a result.

3. Loanskipper 
Loanskipper is a credit broker platform that operates under Seasonal Marketing Ltd, its parent company. The platform connects borrowers to potential lenders, offering a loan limit of between £100 and £2,000. You are then given a period of 2 to 6 months to pay back the amount plus an interest rate ranging between 49.9% and 1333% APR.
But before that, you will have to provide your details and submit them to a panel of lenders. You shouldn't be worried about sharing your details as platform maintains that it only shares your details with the potential lenders, and that an authorized parties can't intercept.

4. Ocean Finance? 
If your main priority is to find a lender that is willing to meet your loan requirements and transfer the funds in the quickest time possible, then it might be worth going through Ocean Finance. Much like Very Merry Loans, Ocean Finance is not a direct lender, meaning that you will have your details passed to the platform's partnered providers. However, this is potentially your best chance of getting an instant loan, as once you have been pre-approved via Ocean Finance, you can go with the lender that offers the fastest funding time.
Ocean Finance will allow you to apply for a loan from just £100, up to £10,000. Moreover, the shortest loan term on offer is three months, with the longest term capped at 5 years. The best thing about using Ocean Finance for your instant loan needs is that the initial application phase will be based on a soft credit check. This means that the application won't be posted to your credit report unless you proceed with one of the loan deals that are presented to you.

5. Peachy?
If you don't feel comfortable using a third-party comparison site and thus - want to go with a direct lender, then you might be best to consider Peachy. The UK lender specializes in instant loans that in some cases can be transferred into your bank account with 1 hour. In order to achieve this, the lender would need to be able to verify all of your information electronically. In fact, if the loan is to be transferred within the hour, then it's likely that your credit report will need to be in good standing, so that the lender doesn't need to obtain proof of earnings.
When it comes to the specifics, Peachy will allow you to borrow a minimum of £100, up to a maximum of £1,000. Although the maximum loan size is much smaller than that of Very Merry Loans and Ocean Finance, you need to remember that Peachy aims to complete all applications within the hour, so the funding size must be within reason. Take note, Peachy is well known to charge very high rates on its instant loans. In fact, with a representative rate of 720% APR, the luxury of fast funding comes at an extortionate cost.

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