Five good reasons to get a SUV

SUV - Sport Utility Vehicles have become increasingly popular in recent years. Almost every car manufacturer has one or more models in its range. The body shape is derived from angular off-road vehicles, equipment and comfort are often comparable to the upper middle and upper class. There are many reasons to choose an SUV, some are rational and based on facts, many others are subjective and have emotions. Here are our top 5 reasons to get a SUV.


Most SUV models, even if they are located in the compact SUV segment, offer ample space in relation to comparable vehicles in the sedan segment. This advantage is not only noticeable in the trunk, but often also in the passenger compartment, which is reflected in headroom and comfortable space.

High seating position?

Due to their higher body shape, SUVs also offer a significantly higher seating position than comparable sedans. In addition to the easier entry, which is a buying argument for the older generation, the raised seating position provides a better overview of the traffic situation. In some models, you literally sit enthroned above the road, which makes driving much more relaxed.


With their heavy and robust body, SUVs convey a feeling of security. In fact, large, heavy vehicles with a high seating position offer advantages in the event of an accident involving smaller vehicles and provide better protection for your occupants.
Even in special driving situations, the all-wheel drive often installed in SUVs can be useful in combination with the heavy vehicle construction. Dangerous situations can be better managed, especially when operating trailers with heavy trailers such as horse trailers.

Emotions: Always a hint of adventure with you?

Even if many SUVs are no longer suitable for off-road use, they often convey to the driver, both in terms of design, feel and driving characteristics, that he could break out of everyday life off-road at any time. In this way they play with the driver's emotions, as there is always a hint of adventure in everyday life.

Lifestyle symbol?

The SUV with its beefy, robust, yet sporty appearance stands for properties such as dynamism, power and individuality. This gives SUVs a prestige that was previously only reserved for premium brands. Where previously the limousine of a premium brand in the driveway showed that you had achieved something, SUVs from less exclusive brands are now taking their place.

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