5 Healthy Living Secrets of Cameron Diaz That You Don’t Know About : Avoid Stress 

Living a healthy life is the inner secret to outer beauty. And Cameron has learned and shared this secret in her book. As a charismatic actress, she treasures her body and does everything to keep it glowing. Cameron, proudly says that information makes her feel so excited and joyous. Consequently, she decides to share some healthy living tips through a book. In her book, The Body Book, Diaz states that regardless of your shape, how much you hate or love your body, it is the most precious thing you have. She adds that educating yourself about your body is the most important thing you can do. Although Cameron isn’t a vegetarian, she diplomatically advocates for veges and sends a shout out to vegans. She discourages people from taking sugary and junk food. Diaz champions the importance of sunlight, living in a clean environment and exercise. Below are 5 body beauty secrets from Cameron Diaz that you should know. 

Avoid Stress 

Be optimistic in life to reduce stress. Learn to prioritize things. Don’t overburden yourself with issues of life. Appreciate your success and learn from your failures. High levels of stress cause inflammation. Consequently, review your workout schedule during stressful moments. Manage and reduce stress levels by avoiding caffeine, talking to someone, keeping a stress diary and managing your time well. 


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