Holidays on Lake Garda with dogs and cats? It's easy

It is sometimes difficult for animal lovers to find reliable holiday care for their four-legged friend. Why not just take the animal with you on vacation? Pets also enjoy a change of scenery from everyday life and the pet owner does not have to worry that his pet could be badly off because the pet owner is absent.

Is it even possible to go on vacation on Lake Garda with dogs and cats? Yes, but only if a few rules are observed:

Documents and vaccinations

The pet needs a pet ID to travel within the EU. You must have your pet ID issued in good time before the planned trip. Your vet will help you with this. The animal needs a current rabies vaccination. This must not be older than 21 days when traveling to Italy. Animals without a current rabies vaccination or with a rabies vaccination more than 3 weeks ago are not allowed to enter Italy. Dogs and cats under the age of 3 months are also not allowed to enter. Another requirement for a trip with a dog or cat is that the animal is labeled with a microchip.

Dog-friendly or cat-friendly accommodations

Before booking the accommodation, check directly with the hotel or pension whether you can bring your pet. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and unnecessary costs, because dogs or cats are not welcome everywhere. Some accommodations have breed or weight restrictions for dogs so that only smaller dogs can be taken. Other hotels charge an additional cleaning fee for taking your pet with you.

General rules for vacation with dog/cat:

Public leash and consideration for other guests apply, so leave your pet alone in the hotel room for short periods of time. If you wait in an overheated car, there is a risk to life for dogs and cats.

There are special bathing beaches on Lake Garda where you can bring dogs. Bracco Baldo Beach is a beautiful dog beach. This beach is located in Peschiera and is 100 square meters in size. Your dog can go swimming here or you can with your dog. Leashes are mandatory in the beach area. The dog can splash around in the water without a leash. Consideration is also given to other guests and other dogs on the beach.

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