Important things to consider when renting a car

The Internet

The internet is a good medium for comparing prices. Use it to research car rental companies and find the best deals. Enclosed you can directly read the rental terms of the respective landlord and determine whether the offer fits you. In the meantime, there is an abundance of comparison portals on which reviews of the individual car rental companies are noted in order to find the best provider for you. Note that the earlier you book, the better the offer.

A credit card

Without a credit card, the process becomes difficult because car rental companies often don't accept cash.
The credit card serves as security for the landlord, who uses the card to calculate the deposit.
However, the amount will not be deducted, only a certain amount will be blocked from availability.
In the event of an accident, this amount will ultimately be deducted.
Furthermore, the credit card must be in the name of the person who ultimately drives the car.
If you need a rental car but do not have a credit card, you should apply for a credit card from your house bank today.

Your age

To drive a vehicle you have to be at least 16 years old, and to drive a car you have to be 18. Unfortunately, renting a vehicle is usually higher, at around 23-25 years. Car rental companies have not had a good experience with young and inexperienced drivers and have therefore increased the age limit as a precaution. However, reaching the age limit is no guarantee of a successful conclusion of a lease.

Observe the tank regulation

Be sure to observe the agreements on the condition of the car when it is received and handed in. As a rule, you get a fully refueled car and return it in this condition.
The conditions are of course handled differently by each car rental company, so read the fuel regulations carefully. If you carelessly forget to refuel the car, the company can invoice you for a decent amount.

Statutory regulations

Of course, you may also need a rental car abroad. In these cases, it is advisable to observe the specific regulations of a country, for example, winter tires are mandatory in Austria from November to April.

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