Pleated blinds: good sun and privacy protection

A pleated blind is a very practical and useful window accessory. In the summer months, this device protects very effectively from the sun and in the winter months it gets nice and cozy. Pleated blinds are not only used as a privacy screen, many also use the numerous models as a nice accessory.

Good alternative to slats and blinds?

A pleated blind, also known as a folding blind, offers a cost-effective and attractive alternative to expensive blinds or slats. One of the few disadvantages is that these models can only be used indoors. Depending on your needs, a pleated blind can be pushed together or apart. Operation and handling is very easy.
Another advantage is that the pleated blinds are available in a wide variety of colors. So you can easily set visual accents. If you don't want to damage your window frame, you can use a pleated blind that can be attached without drilling.

Dozens of designs for every taste?

Due to the relatively simple production, a pleated blind can be produced in a wide variety of forms. Whether with two different fabrics, one color or with a colorful motif, there are usually no limits to creativity. A pleated blind can also be made to measure at very low cost.

Whether in the children's room, living room or bedroom, a pleated blind fits perfectly into any room. In addition to protection from the sun, a pleated blind can also be used as a privacy screen. Pleated blinds can be used to prevent the neighbors' curious glances, especially in apartments that are very close to each other. You look outside, but a look inside is almost impossible.

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