Pleated blinds: tips for online shopping

They are decorative, attached in no time at all and are ideal as privacy and sun protection - pleated blinds. Their great advantage over roller blinds or curtains is that they adapt to virtually any window shape like a second skin, be it the sloping skylight or more complicated constructions such as round and trapezoidal windows. There are a large number of suppliers online who have the right pleated blind for every room situation.

All sites offer a particularly large selection. Standard sizes as well as custom-made products are available. The first step is to choose between a daylight or a blackout pleated blind. If the room only serves as a lounge, for example for living, working or eating, a daylight pleated blind is sufficient. Blackout pleated blinds are ideal for rooms that serve as sleeping areas. They keep the room dark in the bright morning hours of summer and allow you to sleep peacefully.

In the next step, the customer can choose the degree of light transmission - from transparent to darkening. It is not only the function of the room that is crucial, but also the direction. A window that faces north, for example, needs fewer dark pleated blinds than a south window due to the lower sun exposure. In the next steps, will make the selection easier for the customer. Depending on the brand, space, suitability, heat protection and pattern, there are a variety of options, so that at the end of the shopping there is really an individually suitable pleated blind.

Particularly cheap pleated blinds can be found on - standard sizes are available in the sale for as little as EUR 4.99. Here, too, customers can choose between standards and custom-made products. The website offers different dimensions in height and width, especially with regard to the function of the pleated blind: as a free-hanging or roof window pleated blind or for the winter garden. A particular advantage of the website: There are tips for attaching the pleated blinds in detailed but simple texts. It is therefore suitable for customers who want to use pleated blinds for the first time.

Not so cheap, but with a practical pleated comparison, convinces. The customer chooses what is most important to him: the large selection, a short delivery time or the price-performance ratio. The website then offers the corresponding models. Custom-made products are also possible here. Practical: The assembly instructions and many tips for attaching and using the pleated blinds are available to customers online.

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