Pleated brands overview

Pleated blind is a roller blind with elegant folds. There are different spellings for the pleated blind, this is due to the different search methods on the Internet. The country of origin is France.
Pleated blinds are a modern type of light and sun protection. Learn more about the most important product properties.

The design of color and fabric is coordinated with the interior. Warm tones provide a pleasant feeling of space. There are hardly any limits to the design. Bright colors and sensitively designed patterns set standards. We have single-colored crush fabrics for the living room, stripe patterns for children's rooms and also for the kitchen there are many design options. Matching profiles and fasteners complete the perfect design.
Visibility and heat protection are guaranteed by pleated fabric blinds. Direct sunlight is prevented by transparent fabrics and still let enough light into the rooms. The heat protection is optimized by an additional coating. The reflection of the light prevents the air between the window pane and the pleated blind from being heated. This also prevents cold air from entering the room in winter.
Pleated blinds are decorative in that they can be opened alternately upwards or downwards. This way of use allows you to determine exactly how much light is allowed in your living space. At the same time, you turn off unwanted looks. Once it hides what should not be seen below and vice versa. You also determine your own direction of view. The variety of pleated blinds also offers excellent design options for conservatories.
The pleated blinds are tailored to your windows. Different fabrics also offer you the freedom of design according to your wishes. The two-part curtain with translucent material for hours of sunshine and with opaque material for the night can be used for all times of the day. Pleated blinds save you curtains.
To buy the right pleated blinds, you can visit the specialist shops and make your choice. You also have the option to buy them online. You will also find a very large selection online.
Is your window not up to standard or very large and also higher than normal. You need a custom-made product, especially for roof windows and conservatories. Made-to-measure is also available when ordering online. You will receive individual advice from a specialist and German quality products. There is also the possibility to order a free fabric sample to your home. Here you can check whether the fabric suits your taste. Plissee online Handel impresses with its years of experience and well over 800,000 satisfied customers.

Cosiflor pleated blinds

The Cosiflor model is particularly suitable for rectangular windows. But Cosiflors are also manufactured for roof windows, windows and doors of conservatories. Special shapes in slants and round windows are also included. To emphasize it: Cosiflor has the right model for every window shape. The Cosiflor pleated blind is prepared according to your wishes and you can choose from a wide range of colors and fabrics. Further determine the fabric properties such as sun protection, privacy protection or heat protection, whether you want to darken or radiate your rooms.
You can also freely choose the type of installation! Attach to your windows by drilling or completely without drilling!

Cosimo pleated blinds

The brand Cosimo offers flexible folding blinds for rectangular and roof windows and all other window shapes. Semicircular or triangular windows are also covered with the appropriate pleated blind. Choose between numerous colors, patterns and fabric properties. Should the assembly be done without drilling? Quality at affordable prices, that's what the Cosimo brand stands for.

Decomatic pleated blinds

The Decomatic brand can be tailored to your individual wishes and needs. You can use step-by-step advice to put together your own personal Decomatic pleated blind. The shape is also freely selectable. Material properties such as light protection, sun protection or also privacy protection are of course available with Decomatic pleated blinds.
With Decomatic you always make a good choice!

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