Rent a car: 5 rental car tips

If you want to rent a vehicle, you should inform yourself in advance about important rules and regulations of the respective provider, so that everything goes smoothly when renting. Of course, a valid driver's license is a basic requirement for vehicle rental. However, it must also be noted that an internationally valid driver's license is required in some countries and that a vehicle may only be moved here from the age of 21. But there are also other important points to consider when renting a vehicle.

1. Credit card?
In order to rent a car, a valid credit card is usually required to pay the deposit. A rental deposit in the form of cash is no longer accepted by a rental car company, so that prospective tenants have to apply for a credit card in good time, if there is none.

2. The booking?
If you spontaneously decide at the holiday destination to want to explore the area with a rental car, you should be aware that this is not entirely safe. Problems can quickly arise, especially if the contracts are written in foreign languages. Therefore, a rental car service from home should always be used, which can also be done flexibly from the holiday location via the Internet or by telephone.

3. Observe foreign traffic regulations?
Serious differences in road traffic regulations can already be seen in the neighboring European countries. In advance, the tenants should therefore inquire about the legal regulations within the traffic.

4. Plan routes?
Especially for people who want to visit as many places as possible with a rental car, it is advisable to plan the upcoming route well. The route planning can be carried out precisely in advance using navigation systems and road maps. Every day, no more than 300 km of travel should be included here, so that there is enough time to visit the places visited and for breaks.

5. That belongs on board the rental car?
Of course, some important utensils must be packed on the trips, which are essential if you are driving for a long time. Sunglasses, glasses and sunscreen are just as much a part of it as appropriate toys if children are on board.

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