Rent a car and travel through the USA: it's easy

Traveling in the USA with a rental car creates unlimited possibilities. It can be freely and independently, for example, in a chic Ford Mustang convertible
United States driving around. By the way, to borrow a car in the USA, the normal car driver's license is sufficient.

What to look for when booking a rental car in the U.S.?

Anyone wishing to book a rental car in the USA must be at least 24 years old and reserve a vehicle category, such as Economy / Compact, a small car or a midsize / intermediate with four doors. A car can only be rented on a daily basis. The car can be returned elsewhere for a higher cost within the state. The large car rental stations offer rental contracts in German. In the event of an accident, 911 should always be called and the incident reported to the car rental company.

Helpful tips for booking a rental car in the United States?

For toll roads you should always have enough change with you. You cannot drive a rental car on unpaved roads. Pulling or towing a trailer or trailer is prohibited. Winter tires must also be reserved when making the reservation. The contract specifies a maximum rental period, which also applies to the insurance. If you pay in advance, the credit card will be charged with the deposit when you rent the vehicle. Therefore, sufficient credit should be available on the credit card in any case. The amount will of course be reimbursed when the car is returned.

Payment of the rental car?

If you pay for the rental car in advance, you benefit from many advantages and prevent stress. Early bookers get a discount of up to five to twenty percent. With an advance payment, the amount is paid upon arrival and the credit card will not be charged.

Different rental car companies

There are several rental car rental companies available in the US that are listed below.


A comparison is definitely worthwhile.?

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