Rent a car: the 5 most common questions

It is an absolutely adventurous experience for many people to travel around spontaneously and freely with a great rental car and to discover beautiful new places. Before the road trip can begin, anyone interested in renting should first familiarize themselves with the regulations that come with renting. Many tenants only realize that this is not that easy at all when the rental car is processed. Here, interested parties will find compact answers to the 5 most common questions that arise when renting a vehicle.

1. From what age is a rental possible??
The minimum age for renting a rental car depends on the respective country of travel and the different providers also make differences here. The age is 19, 21 or even 23 years. Some rental companies also charge a youth driver fee for drivers who are under 23 or 25 years old. The individual rental car companies determine the amount of this fee themselves.

2. Is there always a deposit when renting a car??
As a rule, every rental car service requires a deposit. The companies often only act as intermediaries and do not have their own fleet of wagons, which is why they have to strictly adhere to the insurance conditions of the direct rental company. In the event of damage, the deposit will be retained by the companies in order to cover the excess. Renting offers with or without a reduced deductible are therefore always recommended.

3. Which insurance policies are necessary?
It should be noted here that only with fully comprehensive insurance with reduced or completely without excess in the event of damage, no costs are incurred for the tenant. In Europe, the customer can usually choose from the various offers here, while a fully comprehensive insurance without excess in America has long been mandatory for rental cars.

4. What additional services can be booked in addition??
Special extras such as roof racks, snow chains or child seats can be booked as required and are subject to a charge. Here, too, the amount of the fee depends on the respective landlord. Winter tires are an additional service and cost extra, but they are mandatory in winter. The lessors are legally obliged to provide the wagon fleet with suitable tires. In most cases, this additional fee is included in the final price and varies depending on the company.

5. Where can the rental car be picked up or returned?
In most cases, the one-way trip rental car can be picked up at one location and returned at another. Depending on the travel destination, an additional fee may apply. Cross-border oneways are usually very expensive and companies charge a correspondingly high fee.

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