Renting a car without a credit card: no problem!

When the next vacation is due, a rental car should not be missing. But even if the right change is available, very few have a credit card. Is it still possible to benefit from a rental car even though the credit card is missing?

The answer is yes. You can even choose from a wide selection of rental cars.

These are even well-known rental car providers such as Sixt and Co. who can offer such a service. Simply use the EC card and the rental car can be used without a credit card.

However, it can happen that other costs are then incurred, so if the refueling costs extra or additional services are significantly more expensive than desired, you have to be able to live with it. If another provider is considered, such as Sunny Cars, it is striking that there is no need to forego further convenience in terms of payment. PayPal is one of the safest payment methods. If an account is available, paying via PayPal should not be a problem.

Of course, payment options such as Sepa direct debit and Pay Pal Express are also offered. There is a suitable rental car provider for every taste. And so it is above all this flexibility that can make the difference. Especially on vacation nobody wants to worry about such things. Better clarify everything in advance and enjoy your vacation.

Sunny Cars is one of the providers anyway, which is represented almost everywhere in the sunny countries. Hence the name. So if it goes to the south, such as Mallorca, or Fuerteventua, you should rely on this provider. Anyone who has got a taste for it and would generally like to have a rental car without a credit card should take a look at Hertz. Here it is directly possible to rent the car from Germany.

Especially if you want to go abroad with the rental car or if everything has to be clarified in advance, Hertz can be the ideal contact. For security, it is best if you have German citizenship. Because this way, both sides can secure themselves from the start. Of course there are limits to rental cars without a credit card. And so only the smaller cars can be selected. Anything beyond that, such as a mid-range car, must be pulled out with a credit card. But this is an obstacle that rarely becomes an obstacle. Because only a few also need a high-quality mid-range car abroad. Most of these vehicles are there to explore the country or just to get safely from A to B.

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