The super fruit avocado

The avocado contains numerous important vitamins (e.g. vitamins A, D and also E), unsaturated fatty acids and also healthy calcium. For this reason, the healthy fruit has also been given the nickname Superfood. But how exactly do these ingredients work and what influence do they have on the human body?

1. The cholesterol level is lowered
Avocados have a relatively large number of calories, a fact that ensured that the fruit was also called a so-called calorie bomb. However, it is often forgotten that a distinction must be made between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in fats. An avocado contains only the unsaturated, i.e. the healthier ones. They ensure that the cholesterol level is lowered and the heart is strengthened.

2. Strengthening the blood vessels
As mentioned briefly, there are numerous important vitamins in avocados, especially C and E vitamins. These ensure that the formation of so-called low-density liboproteins, or LDL for short, is slowed down. This can prevent various cardiovascular diseases. Vitamin can also help to prevent diseases of the blood vessels, such as arteriosclerosis, as well as deposits in the blood vessels. Since diabetics, smokers and overweight people are particularly at risk, they should pay special attention to the intake of vitamins.

There is also a high proportion of vitamin K in the avocado, which is particularly important for the healing of various wounds and thus for blood clotting. In addition, the super fruit contains twice as much potassium as in a banana. This is responsible for regulating blood pressure.

3. Check the weight?
As already mentioned, the avocado contains mainly the unsaturated fatty acids. These do not lead to weight gain, but can even help you achieve the opposite, losing weight. Half an avocado contains around 0.2 g of sugar, which consists of glucose, fructose and also sucrose. In addition, 2.0 g of the so-called D-mannoheptulose are present, a sugar that has a positive influence on the blood sugar level as well as on the weight.

4. Slow aging
The avocado also contains the so-called cardoid lutein and zeaxanthin, which are absorbed by the eye. It is said that lutein can help stop or delay age-related poor eyesight. In humans, aging is usually the first thing to be recognized by the skin. The skin can be attacked and also damaged, especially by strong sunlight and the UV rays it contains. Avocado can also help with this problem, because the so-called carotenoid xantophyll protects the DNA and thus keeps the skin healthy.

5. Cancer-inhibiting?
The fruit can also be very important when it comes to inhibiting cancer, especially due to the bioactive and vegetable substances in it. In various studies, the avocado was tested for its effectiveness in cancer of the larynx and throat. It is also said to have a positive effect in the prevention of blood cancer.

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