The way to cheaper electricity

Since there are different providers of electricity, a price comparison can be just as worthwhile as with other products. First, take your contract. There you will find precise information about your notice period. If there was a price increase within the term, you have a so-called special right of termination. This means you can immediately look for another, cheaper provider.

Now it is important to know how high your individual consumption is. The amount of consumption has an impact on the price. They have low power consumption and identify provider A as the provider with the best offer. Your neighbor, on the other hand, has a high power consumption. It may be that provider B has a tariff that is cheaper for him than provider A, which is better for you.

Where can you find your electricity consumption? You have a counter in the apartment or in the house. It is better to look at the annual statement. Here you have listed the consumption of the entire year. If you only take the past month and extrapolate it, it can easily lead to wrong numbers. Maybe you use an additional electric heater in the cold season? Or do you have air conditioning for the hot season? Perhaps you see more television in winter while you are outside long in summer? The monthly electricity consumption can fluctuate for various reasons. With the information on how much electricity you use in a year, you can feed a comparison portal and view the results.

Now you get different offers. In addition to the price, you can find out which electricity is sold, i.e. how much so-called green electricity is included with this and that provider. The price comparison contains a difficulty.

There are providers who give their customers discounts, bonuses or special payments. These offers for customers are included in the final price. These offers often only apply to the first year. You have two options. The comparison portals offer that you can tick, you want the final price without these discounts and new customer benefits. The other possibility is that you are happy about the good price and choose this provider. Next year you’ll see what price you’ll get. Then you can consider staying with this provider or looking again for a better offer. One thing is certain, if you look at the offers without discounts, you also do not know whether this contract will not be more expensive again next year.

Now you have found a new provider. You fill out the new delivery contract. Then you can relax. Usually the new provider takes over the termination of the old contract. You will be asked again for the current meter reading and the contract change has been successfully completed.

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