Which comparison portal for electricity is the best?

Deregulation gives you control over your electricity. Understand your options and save hundreds on your bill. Deregulation gives you the advantage of choosing your supply.

Do I have to pay Power2Switch for helping me switch electric suppliers?

NO, there are absolutely no fees (hidden or otherwise) to use Power2Switch. We do not even ask for your credit card information.

How do I switch electricity providers? That is, will I have to do anything to make the switch? For example, will a technician need to set anything up (like when I swap cable companies)?

Switching suppliers is done entirely through our site, and Power2Switch makes the process extremely easy; you can sign up in just a few minutes (unless you never learned to type--in which case, give us a call!).

Simply have your most recent electricity bill available, visit, plug in your zip code, and review the suppliers' rates and plans for your area. After you choose the supplier that best suits your needs, you will be prompted to enter your personal data (name, address, etc., but not your credit card or social security number) and e-sign the contract. The Power2Switch team will do the rest! No one will come to your home and you will not experience an interruption in service during the change.

Will my power go out when the switch occurs? Does someone come to my house?

Your power will remain on during the switch to a new supplier. Remember, the supplier is the company that purchases electricity on your behalf, but your local utility will not change if you make the switch. As a result, no one will visit your home to make the switch.

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